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Welcome to Redhill Baptist Church Pre-School!


We are delighted to be the providers of a safe, supportive, stimulating and fun learning environment for children aged 2 to 4 years.  Having been in existence for over 40 years we bring a wealth of experience from this church-based Pre-School to give you the perfect setting for your child as s/he navigates the transition from home life to school life.


We welcome children from all sections of the local community regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, special educational needs or background. Our children experience a whole-life learning approach at our Pre-School, strengthened by principles and an ethos rooted in the Christian faith. 

We want our Pre-School children to lay down strong foundations that will enable them to grow and develop in confidence, skills and knowledge; supported by a team of experienced and devoted staff who encourage partnerships with parents and carers to achieve the best possible outcomes for our children.

As a Christian Pre-School we remember the major Christian festivals and draw upon stories and songs which reflect a Christian understanding of life.

We are a registered charity (registration number 1137850) and its board of Trustees consists of members from within the local community.

We are registered with OFSTED, which is the government department that regulates and inspects childcare provision to make sure that the quality of care and education meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS),

you can see our latest report by clicking here

Charity Registration Number 1137850

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